Medicine Packaging Services

Medicine-On-Time Services

About UsThis pill this day, that pill that day. Stop the confusion with Medicine-On-Time, our medicine packaging services. Jack’s Drug Store & Medical Supplies pharmacists can help you keep track of your prescriptions.

  • Reduce Medicine Errors
  • Always Know If You Took Your Medicine
  • Organize Your Medicine
  • Weekly or Monthly Formatting

Our pill calendar containers are separated and labeled for each day. Each container is filled with your day’s dose. Each day is labeled with the date, time to be taken, and dosage, all sealed in tamper proof packaging. Ditch pill bottles, reminder notes and never miss a dose again.

Signing up is easy! Take your prescriptions to our pharmacy counter and tell the pharmacist you want Medicine-On-Time. Your pharmacist will then customize your medications using computer packaging system. All you have to do is choose the day, and take your dose.